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About FlyerSaver

FlyerSaver is your go-to destination for simplifying meal planning and saving both time and money for busy families.


We understand the daily challenges families face when it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping, and that's why we created FlyerSaver – to revolutionize the way you plan your meals, shop for groceries, and make your family dinners stress-free.

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The Struggle is Real

Meal planning can be a daunting task, especially for busy families juggling work, school, extracurricular activities, and countless other responsibilities. Just a few of the sturggles you face:

  • Limited Time: Finding the time to sit down, research recipes, and create a shopping list is a luxury many families can't afford.

  • Budget Constraints: Sticking to a budget while ensuring your family eats nutritious meals can be a constant battle.

  • Recipe Fatigue: Coming up with new, exciting, and balanced meal ideas week after week can be exhausting.

  • Wasted Food: Throwing away spoiled ingredients because they didn't fit into your meal plan can be disheartening.

FlyerSaver was born out of a desire to alleviate these meal planning struggles that so many families face. We recognized that grocery store flyers, which showcase the latest deals and discounts, were an invaluable resource that could make meal planning easier and more affordable. Here's why we're passionate about what we do:

  • Saving Time: FlyerSaver allows you to access weekly meal plans curated from grocery store flyers, eliminating the need for hours spent on recipe searches and list-making.

  • Saving Money: We help you take advantage of the best deals and discounts, ensuring your meals are not only delicious but budget-friendly.

  • Variety and Inspiration: Tired of the same old recipes? FlyerSaver provides a wide range of meal ideas that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences, keeping your family excited about dinner time.

  • Reducing Food Waste: By planning meals based on what's on sale at your local grocery stores, you'll reduce food waste and make your household more sustainable.

Let Us Help!

How it Works

Once you sign up, you will be able to download the app right to your phone or device so you'll have everything you need in a convenient location, and your meal plan will be a click away!

Every Friday, you'll receive an email reminding you that the latest flyers are posted, as well as any new things added to the site including recipes, guides, or videos on all topics around meal planning, meal prepping, grocery shopping and cooking.  


Our meal plans are update in the app by 12pm (EST) every Friday allowing you the weekend to plan your grocery shopping.  

You'll have access to all meal plans, a recipe bank that continually grows each week, customizable grocery lists, eBooks and guides on topics listed above, as well as a private FB community to share ideas and get inspiration. 


You will also have the option to download your plan, recipes and lists into a PDF if you prefer to have a hard copy.

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Join Today!

At FlyerSaver, our mission is to empower busy families to enjoy easy, healthy meals while saving time and money. We believe that mealtime should be a moment of connection, nourishment, and delight, not a source of stress or financial strain.

We are committed to simplifying meal planning by tapping into the potential of grocery store flyers, ensuring that every family can access affordable and nutritious meal options.  Our dedication to delivering a user-friendly platform and inspiring meal ideas aims to make the lives of busy families easier, healthier, and more budget-conscious.

At FlyerSaver, we strive to foster a sense of joy around the dinner table, knowing that our efforts contribute to the well-being of families and the sustainability of their budgets.


Join us in our mission to transform meal planning into a seamless, money-saving, and health-conscious experience for every family!

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And if that's not enough to convince you, did you know having a meal plan...

-> reduces stress in your week since you're not having to worry and think about what's for dinner every day

-> saves you time in the grocery store since you're not wandering aimlessly thinking of what to buy

-> saves you money since you're not buying unnecessary ingredients or items at the store, and are far less likely to hit the fast food restaurants when you know what you're having for dinner

-> allows you to have better control over portion sizes which helps with weight loss and overall better health and wellness

Now imagine all of the benefits of that WITHOUT having to take the time out of your week to do the planning!

Flyersaver allows you all the conveniences and benefits of having your meals planned without spending hours looking through flyers and thinking about what to cook.  You can be freed up to use that time to spend with your family, start a hobby, take some much needed down time, or whatever else you decide to do with your new found time - all while knowing your meals are taken care of and you and your family will eat healthy during the week AND save money doing it! 

So what do you say?  Are you ready to give it a try for FREE?

The Face Behind the App

Michelle Walker is a certified health coach and nutritionist with a background in biology and education and is the face behind Flyer Saver.  


She founded the business after seeing a need her clients (mostly busy working moms) had for quick and easy meal options they could make at home without breaking the bank.


Grocery prices had been on the rise and the cost of healthy eating felt almost impossible for many of her clients and she wanted to find a way to help.


Each week, Michelle personally goes through the flyers and creates family-friendly meal plans with recipes that she uses with her own family. You can rest assured you're getting quality plans that are delicious and wholesome from someone who cares! 

She wants Flyer Saver to help save your mealtime headaches as well as help to put money in your pocket for the things that matter most to you. 

You can download the Flyer Saver App for FREE so you can check it out for yourself!

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