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  • I don't see my store here. Will more stores be added?
    Yes! As we continue to grow we will add more stores. If you'd like to recommend a certain store, email us at and let us know!
  • Is every ingredient on sale for each recipe?
    When planning recipes each week, the "main" ingredients (protein, veggies, fruits, etc.) will be prioritized as they are the most costly ingredients and make the biggest difference in the overall grocery budget.
  • How often are meal plans updated?
    Meal plans are added the morning after the flyer is released, which allows us time to create the plans. For example, if your store flyer is released on Thursday, that meal plan will be available on Friday morning in the app.
  • I'm old school and like a paper copy. Can I download to a PDF?
    Yes! You can choose to download everything or just the grocery list, recipes, or meal plan into a convenient printable PDF.
  • Why is it just dinners? Will more meals be added?
    We know dinner is the meal most families struggle with, so it's our goal to make that time easier for them! If we see a need/want from our customers to add more meal options, we may add those meals in the future, but for now we are focused on simplifying dinnertime, and don't want meal planning to become overwhelming.
  • I don't need all 7 days of meals. Can I delete as needed?
    You bet! Simply delete the meals you don't want on your plan so you're left with the amount you need for the week.
  • Can I use any of the plans or do I have to stick to my store?
    We offer the convenience of knowing which meals utilize the ingredients on sale at each store, but we know that many people will shop at multiple places for their groceries. If you do not need the flyer savings, you can simply use the app as a meal planning tool and utilize the plans and recipes as you wish, or create your own plan using recipes from the different stores.
  • Is there a free trial?
    Yes! You can try FlyerSaver for 7 days to decide if it's the right fit for you.
  • Can I customize my meal plan?
    Absolutely! There will be a proposed meal plan for the week with recipes for each day, but you can delete, change, or move them around as needed. You can also change serving sizes to suit your family's needs for each meal which will adjust the grocery list accordingly.
  • How much money will I save each month using FlyerSaver?
    Depending on which meals you choose each week the prices will vary, you can count on saving $30-50 each week - or about $120-200/month (and that's just on dinners!).
  • Can I create my own meal plan?
    Yes! You can create a custom meal plan using the bank of recipes. Recipes are continually being added each week!
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Of course! You can cancel your subscription at anytime in the app or by emailing
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